​The first golden rays of daylight ride the powerful swell at North Stradbroke Island's Main Beach, where dawn surfers have already taken to the waves. 

Beyond them, sunlight dances on water spouting high from majestic whales that pass by for half the year. 

Calm flows across the island's Home Beach as early morning yoga on the pristine sands eases locals and visitors into the new day. 

The sun climbs above Straddie – the second largest sand island on Earth – and its warming light caresses coastal islands and villages. 

A sea of greenery across bushland, rainforest and urban gardens awakes with an abundance of birdlife chorusing a coastal tune. 

Walkers and cyclers are out, weaving their way along walkways and tracks, while koalas still doze high in trees. 

The people smile and post photos to social media whenever they spot their furry, sleepyhead neighbours. 

Coffee lovers, enjoying the relaxed café culture, are also out, laughing and chatting with friends, or enjoying a quiet cup solo in the serene, coastal ambience. 

The sun rises higher and the crystal waters of southern Moreton Bay yield beautiful sights of dolphins porpoising, paddle boarders, kayakers and boaties heading out, passenger and vehicle ferries en route to and from islands, pelicans skimming the water's surface and a multitude of shorebirds – many migratory and some quite rare – resting, preening and feeding. 

The morning lengthens and both coasties and holidaymakers embrace the peace as they step into the day ahead. 

This is Redlands Coast, where every morning is a good morning. 

Come visit. Come to the calm. Come to where a relaxed start to the day is a naturally wonderful part of life.