Scribbly Tracks

By Guest Blogger - Graham Smith 

I know he is out there somewhere, as I heard him last night. I look up in the trees, there in the crook of a gum tree limb I can see the furry grey body of the koala, sleeping of course. That puts a bounce in my step as I start my trail run. Soon the laughter of the local kookaburras lets me know that the bush is starting to wake up in the early morning light.

There is water flowing under the little foot-bridge, always a nice spot to pause and enjoy the greenery of the ferns growing on the escarpment.

I’m soon off again, heading uphill, when I glimpse movement in the bushes. Sure enough, a wallaby is bounding just a little bit further away from me. Another pause for me, and I soon spot two of its mates standing still, waiting to decide whether to bound away or not.

Scribbly Gum Conservation Park, or Redlands Coast Track Park, or just plain Scribbly as the local trail runners and mountain bike riders refer to it, is situated between Cleveland (Nandeebie/ Indillie) and Alexandra Hills. The two main access points/ parking areas are in McDonald Rd, Alexandra Hills, and Clarke Street, Cleveland. However, if you know where to look, there are almost 30 public access points, as well as the lucky ones like myself who just go out their back gate.

Having a network of trails to walk, run, or cycle, here in the middle of suburbia is special. One time, I managed to run 23 kms, mostly on single track, without going over any trail twice. And since then, even more trails have been added.

Maintained by the joint efforts of the Redland City Council and a volunteer trail care group, Scribbly offers ideal conditions for both beginners and those wanting to build up their skills and fitness. Of course, for those who want a lesiurely stroll through the bush, it is ideal.