New Dawn Pilates & Yoga

Attraction 195 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland

Phone: 0429 460 733


At New Dawn Pilates and Yoga Cleveland, they work with Men and Women of all ages who are committed to being their best version of themselves!

Offering Reformer, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and many other retreats and events! Self-care starts there … Often their daily lifestyle is the cause of discomfort as we either sit, drive or stand for long periods of time or consistently bend over and lift heavyweights.

Their ethos is first and foremost “Self Care”. This has to be everyone’s priority in order to promote a healthier lifestyle. If you live, work or holiday in the Redlands, they invite you to visit them and start your journey today …

Feeling tired, stressed and overworked? It is time someone made sure you are looking after yourself - and that someone is YOU!

Their clients want to feel great about themselves physically and mentally as well as feeling fit and healthy. Being able to move freely is a life without limitation. Enjoy a higher quality of life and be happy!

New Dawn is passionate about creating a supportive environment to help you reach your goal as soon as possible. They are friendly, approachable and encouraging and recognise that sometimes that first step towards exercise can be daunting. Individual classes are available by appointment as well as group classes to suit everyone.