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Love Thy Language MATE!

Event , Concert or Performance At Redland MuseumRedland Museum

Thursday 13th May
10:30am - 12:00pm

Theatre Redlands’ production Love Thy Language – MATE!, written to celebrate the National Trusts’ Australian Heritage Festival for 2021, will have one showing at Redland Museum at 10.30 am on Thursday 13th May. Based on the theme Our Heritage for the Future, the show takes a whimsical look at the way we communicate. Where does language come from – and where is it headed in this multicultural, cyber-oriented world?

Words change with immigration and travel; once they’ve been adopted into a new place, they develop new shapes and sounds. Words wash into a language with industries and crafts and change with new technologies. Words trickle out of popular entertainment and give a different tilt to the original meaning.

Our names have meanings. Old belief systems claim that there is spiritual power is knowing something’s hidden name. The language in a bouquet of flowers can carry a message of love, rejection or despair. Words can be used, abused, denigrated and violated, misunderstood and altered. A tone of voice can change a word’s impact. Words can serve or control. Words can survive by being cloaked in invisibility, becoming a secret tongue. Words can become a cultural banner. Words can be weaponised. Words are stronger than weapons. Words can cajole, seduce, assume superiority and repress. They can embrace or isolate.


Redland Museum

2021-05-13 10:30:00
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