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How to holiday in your own backyard - Redlands Coast style

How to holiday in your own backyard - Redlands Coast style

How to holiday in your own backyard – Redlands Coast style

By Guest Blogger - Anita Beasley

I recently read the quote, “My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from” and I thought to myself, whilst I love taking holidays, I also want to realise that goal.  I want a life that is fun now!

It got me thinking about where I live and why I love where I live - and exactly what are those reasons that I truly do love where I live.  And the answers are pretty clear, I live on the Redlands Coast where I have a home but I also live in a location that allows me to feel a lot of the time like I’m on holiday.

I thought some more about what are the things I like to do when I’m on holiday. There’s the obvious sightseeing, relaxing, eating and drinking, but on the whole, I like to feel like I’ve experienced something new, a bit of adventure and had some quality family time away from work.  

I get to do a lot of this right here in my own backyard and I thought I’d share with you my top 10 Redlands Coast ‘fun’ experiences that I love:

  1. A boat ride over to Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island and a snorkel in the ultra-clear water and throwing the fishing line in.
  2. A kayak around Coochiemudlo Island stopping on the island to stretch my legs and enjoy a coffee.
  3. Dusk drinks on the deck at Elysium at Victoria Point Lakeside, followed by a meal and a movie in Deluxe at Victoria Point Cineplex (best done just with the husband!)
  4. An early morning bush walk in Bayview Conservation Park to really get the heart rate up (best done with a big group of girlfriends!).  
  5. A day, a weekend or better still, a week at Straddie to enjoy the beaches, the walks, the 4wd’ing, the pub, the gelati, the koalas, the dolphins and those sensational views!
  6. Afternoon fish and chips with a spectacular sunset view – pick a point – Cleveland, Wellington or Victoria.
  7. An early morning walk, run or bike ride along the foreshore at Victoria Point – from Point to Point and further round onto the wetlands bike paths over Eprapah Creek. 
  8. Wine tasting just before lunch at Sirromet, followed by pizza on the Tuscan Terrace.
  9. A beer in the beer garden at the Grandview Hotel at Cleveland (Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel).
  10. A good old fashioned picnic – whether we pack up the hamper and get out on the boat or just walk down to our local park, we’re spoiled for choice with seaside locations.






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