Bird Watching

Bird watchers love Redlands Coast, where the sub-tropical climate attracts more than 350 species of resident and visiting bird species. Shorebird habitats are plentiful along the coastline. Many of the species using them during the summer months have travelled from northern hemisphere locations on their annual migration. Toondah Harbour, in the village of Cleveland (Nandeebie/Indillie), is a significant habitat for these birds, including the eastern curlew – Australia’s largest, and a critically endangered, migratory shorebird. Common birds to be seen across the Coast include magpies, pelicans, seagulls, kookaburras, cockatoos, and others, while during winter honeyeaters come in search of flowering gum trees. With the Coast being so bountiful in birdlife, binoculars are handy to bring on your visit.