Discover the naturally wonderful beauty of North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) where heading off-road is the only way to fully experience all the camping, beach fishing and exploring whats the island has to offer. Once off the vehicle ferry the roads linking the island’s three communities Dunwich (Goompie), Amity Point (Pulan) and Point Lookout (Mulumba) are sealed. A 4WD vehicle provides access to more wildlife, beaches, majestic headlands, freshwater lakes and more. You can take your own 4WD on the vehicle ferry departing from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland (Nandeebie) or take a 4WD tour. Drive south along the pristine white sands of Main Beach to fish at Jumpinpin Channel. While there, take in the stunning views of the Border Ranges, South Stradbroke Island and the Gold Coast. Watch for migratory Humpback whales from May to November along with dolphins, turtles and if your luck a dugong or two. Obtain a 4WD permit through Minjerribah Camping; and if you hire a vehicle on the mainland, be sure to check the insurance conditions apply for the vehicle ferry transportation and on the island.