Creative Arts

Renown as a creative hub, with nationally and internationally acclaimed artists calling it home, Redlands Coast flows with creative outlets for both hobby and professional artists. Try your hand at pottery painting or making, sculpting, or connect with a gallery or studio on the mainland or islands and take part in an arts or crafts workshop. Redland Yurara Art Society, with a gallery and studio located in Thornlands, offers a program of public art classes and workshops, while Macleay Island Arts Complex runs classes, workshops, talks and more in quintessential island ambience.  Many other community, public and private galleries across the Coast also run both short and comprehensive classes in a vast number of creative arts and crafts. Enjoy your next creative arts adventure on Redlands Coast, where the coastal rhythm of bay, bushland, abundant wildlife, and historic buildings continually beats out perfect backdrops and vistas for creative photographers, artists who like to sketch solo or in groups, and arts and crafts enthusiasts of all kinds.