Weddings & Conferences

Bordered by endless blue waters on one side and unspoiled bushland on the other, Redlands Coast offers a multitude of picturesque backdrops and venues for the special events that weddings and conferences are. Couples affirming their love with vows can choose from traditional places of worship and historic venues, or outdoors in beautiful bushland, mountain and rainforest settings, and stunning island cliff tops, beaches and lakes. Reception options abound – function centres, coastal halls, a five-star winery, hotels, sporting clubs, restaurants and more have you covered for the perfect event. Redlands Coast also welcomes conferences of all kinds and helps make event planning as smooth as possible. Venues include restaurants, conference and event centres – some with accommodation options – and a performing arts centre. Known as the events capital of south-east Queensland, Redlands Coast has the experience that makes the choice simple when planning your wedding or next business event.