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Brisbane Nature Tours offers a diverse range of tours in small and personalised groups. Your guide, Anita, loves to share her extensive knowledge and passion for the environment. You will get the chance to connect with the beautiful nature around you and see the natural world differently.

With tours ranging from tropical rainforests to native wildlife habitats, mangrove forests to sand islands, Brisbane Nature Tours has something for every age, taste, and fitness level. All tours include enough time at stopovers to admire and photograph the environment and its unique inhabitants.

Majestic trees, wallabies, and a variety of birdlife are highlights of the Maiala Rainforest Tour. On the North Stradbroke Island Tour, migrating whales can be spotted from June to October, along with dolphins and turtles all year round. The island enjoys spectacular ocean views and has a rich history. It is home to many talented artists, a few of which you will visit.

Brisbane Nature Tours offers the Mount Glorious to Mount Mee Car Tour with short, easy walks to lookouts for less mobile nature lovers. Enjoy being driven in an air-conditioned car, experiencing rainforest-to-open farmland views, and visiting a local winery. The Kangaroos, Mangroves, and Ocean Tour visits the natural habitats of kangaroos, land and sea birds, mangrove forests, and the beach.


Maiala Rainforest Tour

After picking you up, they will drive up to Mount Glorious. The winding road to the Maiala walking track goes through the subtropical rainforest of the D’Aguilar National Park.

The tour will show you flora and fauna of a subtropical rainforest with its majestic trees and beautiful canopy. The characteristic calls of the Whipbird, Catbird and Woompo Dove will help you to spot them. Besides the countless little birds, you might be lucky to see skinks, Land Mullets or Lace Monitors.

A smaller-sized kangaroo family member called Pademelon also lives in Maiala. They are often seen close to the walking track.

The track is around 5km long and will take about 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to learn about the area or take photos of your favorite spots.
You will have lunch and refreshments at the beautiful picnic area.

After lunch, walk on the mountain's western side with its beautiful lookouts and more impressive trees.

Note: You can book me for a guided tour without the drop-off and pick-up. This starts from the Maiala car park.

North Stradbroke Island Tour

The boat trip from Cleveland to North Stradbroke Island takes 45 minutes.

The trip starts on the island by visiting the art gallery of Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and the Island Arts Gallery, where the work of the local artists is displayed.

On your way to Point Lookout, stop at Myora Springs, a small creek leading into the surrounding mangroves.

At Point Lookout, you'll enjoy the spectacular coastal views on the North Gorge Walk. The walk is suitable for all levels of fitness. Take your time to spot and photograph the wildlife, both land, and sea.

From June till October, the humpback whales migrate past the island. Below the cliffs, many species of dolphins, rays, and marine turtles swim and forage in the ocean waters. The birdlife is very diverse year-round. You will spot the Eastern Grey Kangaroos on land as they graze the grassy headlands.

North Stradbroke Island has beautiful beaches. It will be challenging to choose one for the stroll after lunch.

The tour ends with a visit to Brown Lake.

You will leave this beautiful tropical island with a lot of wonderful memories.

The price is 225 AUD per person

Mount Glorious to Mount Mee Car Tour

The Mount Glorious to Mount Mee Car Tour allows you to enjoy beautiful views without driving or walking long distances.

Especially during the warm summer days, an airconditioned car tour is very comfortable.

After picking you up, they will drive to the beautiful subtropical rainforest in D’Aguilar National Park. Then visit two lookouts: The Western Window and the Wivenhoe Outlook.

After the beautiful rainforest views, they drive to the Somerset Dam. This part of the tour will show you the typical remote farming land. Wide-open views over long stretches of grassland.

Have a lunch break at the Somerset Dam while enjoying the water views.

In the next part of the tour, they will visit Ocean View Estates for an optional wine tasting.

The trip from the winery to Mount Mee goes over small roads through lush green hills and open grassland with cattle and beautiful old trees. At Mount Mee, they visit the last lookout with a beautiful view over the Glass House Mountains.

Via Dayboro, they drive back to your location.

Kangaroos, Mangroves and the Ocean

This tour takes you to several natural habitats with the chance to observe land and sea birds, mangroves, and kangaroos.

You'll start by observing a mob of Kangaroos from a safe distance.

A short mangrove walk follows, where you can observe a variety of waders, waterbirds, and aerial birds. You might also spot some perching birds, both large and small.

Then drive to an environmental center with several bird lookouts on-site and nearby.

Continuing the tour, drive across one of the longest bridges in Australia, the Houghton Highway, with its glorious views of The Glasshouse Mountains.

There are two more mangrove lookouts on the way to the HMQS Gayundah shipwreck at Woody Point. The Gayundah was deliberately beached in the 1950s to act as a breakwater.

Driving further, stop to admire the spectacular view across Moreton Island. You'll also make time to dip your toes in the water and do beachcombing.

The tour finishes at the Scarborough Boat Harbour, where you will have the opportunity to buy fresh seafood at the legendary Morgans.

The tour is $175 per person

Tawny Trails

Because nature is such a big part of a creative life, Brisbane Nature Tours wants to offer you a chance to visit some magical nature areas of the main Tawny Trails. Enjoy a Tour of the D’Aguilar National Park.

After picking you up, they drive over country roads to fully enjoy the epic scenic views.

Starting at the recreation area at the Gantry, then a short stroll through the open subtropical rainforest. Groves of Piccabeen Palm and massive Sydney blue gums are highlights on this walk.

After the stroll, they hop back in the car.

To make your choice, view the main trail map on the Tawny Trails website. With a 10-hour turnaround from pick up to drop off, you are bound to fit into a fun and exciting day.

Accommodations are available at gorgeous locations if you want to make the most of the Tawny Trails experience.

The price is 200 AUD per person

Bellthorpe Rainforest Tour

The property has numerous walking tracks, waterfalls, and a great variety of birds and wildlife. Normally, day visitors are not permitted, but Brisbane Nature Tours have secured private access to enjoy the property for the morning.

They will walk the Rainforest Track with its strangler figs, tall buttress trees, vines, and ferns. The birdlife is abundant at Bellthorpe Stays. Then see or hear the Regent Bowerbird, Wompoo Fruit-Dove, Catbird, Noisy Pitta, Riflebird, Rose Crowne Fruit Dove, King Parrot, and many others smaller birds like Honey Eaters.

Meeting the wildlife is by chance, but usually, the prospects are good. Wildlife such as the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Marbled Frogmouth, Giant Barred Frog, Wallaby, Koala, Echidna, Land Mullet, and the Goanna can be found on the property.

After a cuppa at the Resource Centre, they will head up to Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, to enjoy lunch at the café.
After lunch, visit the Visitor Information Centre and take a short rainforest walk in the Reserve.

Bribie Island Birdlife Tour

If you are looking for an island getaway with abundant birdlife, look no further. Bribie Island is a hidden gem connected to the mainland by only one bridge. This island is a paradise and has a lot to offer.

We start at the Pumicestone Passage, where we will stroll along the beachfront. This walk has excellent birdwatching opportunities and wildflowers. The views over the Glass House Mountains are stunning.

We then drive to Kakadu beach. Kakadu Beach is a beautiful park and bird sanctuary at Banksia Beach on Bribie Island. It is home to one of the few roost sites in the Pumicestone Passage and a gorgeous place to spend time in nature.

After lunch at Cafe 191, we will do a few bushwalks. We will walk through Eucalypt forests, Paperbark wetlands, and Wallum heathlands. Rainbow Bee-eaters, Red-backed Fairy-wrens, and Eastern Yellow Robins are colorful birds you may encounter.

Depending on the tides at Buckey’s Hole, we will finish or start our tour, which covers almost 88 hectares, including a freshwater lagoon, woodlands, open forest, mangroves, swamplands, and a stunning beach. It is a bird-watchers paradise; there are more than 190 species of birdlife that call the conservation park home.

The price is 200 dollars per person.