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Carys Martin Ceramics

General Services Thornlands

Phone: 0416 776 075


They are committed to making beautiful handmade ceramic pieces that are all unique and made with love. They believe that the things you surround yourself with should bring you joy and have worth. They should have meaning and soul, and a story to tell.

Their collections range from functional tableware pieces to one-off pieces of art. All items are handmade over a number of weeks and fired in their studio in Thornlands, Redlands Coast in South East Queensland. The clay does not like to be rushed and needs time to dry slowly at each step in the making process.

Whether hand built or wheel thrown, each piece has its own unique characteristics. To get the different finishes, a variety of techniques, glazes, carving and clays are used. It is these differences that make them each unique and keep your attention and curiosity. The glazes used are lead-free and the tableware pieces have food-safe glazes.