Natural Islands

The natural, uninhabited islands of Redlands Coast add a special element to the boating and fishing paradise, for which the region is acclaimed.

Peel Island, once a leper colony, is known for its great fishing opportunities, natural beauty, history and environmental significance, while Goat Island is an isle of mangrove with rocks to the south-west that attract a diverse range of fish species.

King Island, just off the coast at Wellington Point, is an environmentally significant haven for wildlife and is accessible by boat on the rising tide or by foot at low tide.

Getting around
- Watercraft: Peel and Goat islands are accessible only by watercraft, which can be launched from any of Redlands Coast’s many boat ramps. Some tour operators run tours from Raby Bay Harbour to Peel Island. King Island can also be accessed by boat.
- Walking and cycling: King Island is accessible by walking at low tide from Wellington Point Reserve. Be sure to return to the mainland before the tide rises again. Wellington Point Reserve is a 45 minute walk from Wellington Point railway station; a 15 minute cycle ride.
- Train: The closest railway station to King Island is Wellington Point, which is located on the Cleveland line.
- Vehicle: Wellington Point is a 40 minute drive from the Brisbane CBD; 25 minute drive from Brisbane airport.