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Redlands Coast Lifestyle Information Centre

General Services 46 Banana Street, Redland Bay

Phone: 3206 7468


Redlands Coast Islands Promotes Island Tourism and Business.

It’s aim? promoting the Redlands Coast Islands and all their attributes.

They are actively advertising throughout Australia in conjunction with many other Tourism bodies and outlets in every State.

Their Centre is located at the gateway to the Ferries that service the Southern Islands.

In 2017, the Bay Island Transit ferries carried in excess of 1.2 million passengers. That number is growing fast and now you can have your business presented in front of 1.2 million and potential customers.

With their massive digital wall, we are displaying videos and static or dynamic ads showcasing island related content with outstanding clarity.

The Redlands Coast Islands is building a proactive Information and Business Centre promoting our Islands effectively and widely throughout Australia and in time overseas.

Their objective is to raise the image and standards Tourists and Day visitors have come to expect.

The Centre will promote all island activities, social groups, community groups, island events, art groups, food suppliers, service providers, eating places, things to do, tourism activities and lifestyle experiences.

Advertising space on the Digital Wall is available to both island and mainland businesses.