The Prawn Shack

Food and Drink 1 Mintee Street, North Stradbroke Island

Phone: 3492 5700


Sensationally Fresh Seafood from North Stradbroke Island Fisherman, along with a large range of Specialty Grocery Lines.

Prawns, Bugs, Crabs, Oysters, Fish, squid, mussels, whole fish, and more. Options change daily, depending on the season and availability.

The Prawn Shack also stock Stradbroke Island Butcher Meat cuts, fresh produce, locally baked Bread and so much more!

Local fishermen deliver to their store each day to ensure the quality of seafood is of highest standard. Homemade sauces and delicious condiments to compliment the seafood.

Along with the Famous Prawn Rolls! They're a one stop shop, open 7 days a week!