Wall Walkers Bouldering

Attraction 6 Jones Road
unit 10, Capalaba

Phone: 0414 759 925


Wall Walkers is a boutique indoor bouldering gym in Capalaba and is Brisbane's (possibly Australia's) first and only 24-hour gym. Join them as a member now and try out their 24-hour memberships. Climb any time you want and skip the crowds!

Their first and foremost goal is to create a fun and safe climbing experience For Everyone. This means a higher quantity of routes on the wall and more frequent route setting!

Bouldering is the simplest form of climbing, with no rope, harness, carabiners, or quickdraws.
All you really need is a WALL. That’s why Wall Walkers is here for you!

Indoors, bouldering is performed on artificial walls between 2 – 4.5 meters in height which contain multiple problems (bouldering routes are referred to as problems) of various difficulty. There are multiple grading systems however the one used in Australia for bouldering is the V-scale (Originating in the United States). Climbs are assigned a difficulty rating from V0 (absolute beginner) to V17 (damn hard). The scale is never-ending and continues to grow as new routes are mapped and climbed.

Wall Walker's has around 60+ routes on the wall which are rated from V0-V10 and set by experienced route setters /climbers, with a hangboard / campus board and a 25-degree MoonBoard for advanced training.

Bouldering is a unique sport, offering great physical and mental benefits.