Glaze Chemistry and Testing Pottery Masterclass

Glaze Masterclass

Join Carys and Tommy in the studio for an intensive one and a half day course in glazing. The course will focus on glaze chemistry, safe studio and glaze practices, how to create glazes and glaze application. They will be working to Cone 6 firing temperature, however the principles learnt in this course can be applied at any firing temperature.
This course is ideal for potters who are interested in creating their own glazes or those wanting a better understanding of the glazing process to elevate their pieces.

During the one and a half days in the studio, students will learn how to make glazes using different colourants, how to test using a line blend and grid blend and how to record glaze tests. The course will be a mix of formal teaching in a small group environment and individual practical work with guidance.

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2023-11-25 09:00:00
2023-11-25 17:00:00