Create your own little pottery house, planter or foraged treasure box

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Join Carys Martin Ceramics in the studio to learn how to create in clay using slabs.

You can make a little house that you can pop a little light in or add a base and use for blooms, or a little rectangular or square planter, or even a Foraged Treasure Box!

This workshop is a great option for those with some clay experience to create their own project or if this is your first time working with clay Carys has projects you can copy.

During the two hour workshop Carys will take you through the steps to build your piece and you can decorate it using under glazes and tissue transfer. On the rare occasion any breakages occur during the firing process, Carys will repair them as best as possible. However, if your piece is unable to be repaired, you will be offered the opportunity to remake it or a full refund.

Carys will then carefully dry your piece before its first firing and will clear glaze and fire your piece. It will be ready for collection from the studio in 2-3 weeks.

2024-01-14 10:00:00
2024-01-14 12:00:00