Marvellous Mugs, Crystal Cups and Creative Candle Holder Pottery class

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Come along and make your very own marvellous mushie, moon or magical animal mug or candle holder! You will receive a wheel-thrown base for you to sculpt onto, carve and decorate. Create your own artistic handle, such as a peacock, mushroom, fox-tail, moon, wildflower or carve through holes for your candle light to flow through... the possibilities are endless.

The workshop will run for two hours and is suitable for beginners through to advanced potters.

Your piece will be carefully dried before its first firing then clear glaze it and fire it in the kiln. It will be ready for collection from the studio in two to three weeks. On the rare occasion any breakages occur during the firing process, it will be repaired. However, if your piece is unable to be repaired, you will be offered the opportunity to remake it or a full refund.

2024-03-10 10:00:00
2024-03-10 12:00:00