Old SchoolHouse Gallery Art Exhibition "On the Edge"

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“Along the Edge”
An exhibition at the Old SchoolHouse Gallery by Hilary Wakeling and Greg Hughes depicting life along the edge of our world.

It seems that wildlife likes to gather along the edge of cliffs, the edge of beaches, the edge of reefs, and it is this habit that Hilary has tried to capture in this series of paintings. Hilary has returned to her beloved watercolour in depicting these images, although with a twist as many are painted on canvas, which is very unusual for watercolour. She hopes you will enjoy the paintings and reflect on the many wonderful birds and animals we have in this world.

In his series of images featuring coastlines, inlets, river margins, and waterfronts, Greg has aimed to represent places around Australia, and in some cases, humanity's interaction and influence on these places. Through watercolour and acrylic, Greg has endeavoured to capture the essence of an environment that is, in turn, majestic, tumultuous and uncertain.

Everyone is welcome to meet the artists on the first Saturday evening in March.

2024-02-29 09:30:00
2024-03-31 16:30:00