Workshop and Morning Tea - Birds, Botanica and Blue Glass

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Birds, Botanica and Blue Glass… an exhibition at the Redlands Museum for the month of April presents a collaboration of three highly individual artists each interpreting their explorations of shapes and patterns found in nature.
Visitors to the floor talks and morning tea will have a unique opportunity to meet the artists and hear about their chosen art processes.

Rhyl Henzell, a multimedia artist will explain the eco-printing technique, utilising
natural tannins from leaves and flowers and will demonstrate how she enhances the results using gold leaf, water colour, archival inks and bucket loads of imagination.

Julie-Ann Barker is an artist that primarily works in acrylic paint. Working in a space where imperfections are not considered flaws and boundaries are blurred, colours overlap and marks are created expressing constant movement and connections between nature. Julie-Ann will talk about how she ‘plays’ with paint
mark making and extension mediums as she juxtaposes translucent shapes with more detailed imagery nudging boundaries and shifting the visual surface.

Jen Henzell, a textile and multimedia artist, will briefly talk about how she created her lantern ‘Bower’ piece, discussing some of the printing and paper cutout techniques used. She will demonstrate a stencil printing technique and the paper cut methods which illustrate her artworks.

2024-04-10 10:30:00
2024-04-10 11:30:00