Make your own Pottery Wind Chimes, Wall Hangings and Crystal Grid Plates

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Create the parts to make your own wind chime, talisman wall hanging or crystal grid plate.

Your design can be a symbol special to you or a template Carys has available. She will have some pieces already created, strings and found materials, so you can start to thread your wall hanging, you can then roll and cut (she has cutters and stencils!!) your designs, to add to your hanging, from slabs of clay. You can paint and carve your design into clay and decorate, drawing free hand or using stencils, with under glaze and tissue transfer.

Carys will then carefully dry your piece before its first firing and will clear glaze and fire your piece. It will be ready for collection from the studio in two to three weeks. You can then thread your pieces together to create your talisman wall hanging.

2024-04-11 18:30:00
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