Old SchoolHouse Gallery Art Exhibition "Commemorating ANZAC Day"

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Members of the Old SchoolHouse Gallery have collaborated to create works inspired by the ANZAC Spirit. The red poppy representing this special day will prominently feature in the gallery along with Rosemary.

During World War 1 red poppies were among the first plants to grow on the Western Front in Europe. They bloomed across the wasted battlefields of northern France and Belgium.

Rosemary, since ancient times, has been believed to improve your memory. It is an ancient symbol of fidelity and remembrance. It grows wild on the Gallipoli Peninsular in Turkey where many Australians served in the WWl. In the 1980s cuttings of plants from Gallipoli were planted in nurseries throughout Australia to support Avenues of Honour.

All welcome to come and meet the artist and celebrate this exhibition on the first Saturday in April.

2024-04-04 09:30:00
2024-04-28 16:30:00